Hair - Colour


Prices can change depending on the colour you choose, and what colour your hair is now.

Global colour

Same colour all over, from root to tip.

Regrowth recolour Short $70
Medium $80
Long $85
Full head global colour Short from $85
Medium from $100
Long from $110


This is an Astonish specialty. Foils, or highlighting, is a weaving technique where we separate strands of your hair from thick to thin and colour them lighter or darker.

1/2 head of foils Short $110
Medium $130
Long $140
Full head foils Short $140
Medium $160
Long $170


We hand-paint highlights into your hair, creating a soft and natural sun-brightened look that gets lighter towards the ends.

Balayage Short from $139
Medium from $159
Long from $179

On-scalp bleach

We apply lightener directly to your scalp.

On-scalp bleach
Short from $85
Medium from $105
Long from $125


Toner is like a top coat of colour for your hair. We put it in after lightening to personalise your colour and get rid of any unwanted tones. Toner will add shine and conditioning after lightning.

Toner Short $20
Medium $30
Long $40

Olaplex add-in service

Add Olaplex to your colour treatment to prevent your hair from breaking and repair damaged strands by linking the hair bonds back together. Olaplex lets you lighten your hair with confidence that it won’t suffer damage, and you will notice your hair is softer, shinier, and easier to manage.

Olaplex hair repair Short $20
Medium $30
Long $40

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